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Taking Care of your Legs

Your Legs work hard for you!

Your legs work hard, carrying you throughout your busy day. The steady pumping of blood helps keep them healthy and fit. In just one day's time, an average heart pumps enough blood through the body's arteries, capillaries and veins to fill 288 5-gallon cans (approx. 5450 liters). Venous blood or the blood traveling through the veins is returned to the heart.

Since the legs are the farthest from and below, the heart, blood flow in the legs is the most difficult to maintain.  The blood must actually flow uphill to the heart.  A system of uni-directional valves, spaced up the leg and opening in the direction of the heart facilitates this flow. The blood essentially "steps" its way from the feet to the heart in stages.

After years of use, it stands to reason that parts of this complex, hardworking system may eventually malfunction.  Venous insufficiency occurs when valves cease to function properly and its blood supply is absorbed by the valve.  This increased pressure can cause dilated veins, valve malfunctions and reduced circulation.  The result can be fatigue, aching and swelling of the legs and feet, as well as what could be the initial stages of varicose veins.

Graduated compression hosiery are clinically proven to help treat venous insufficiency and varicose veins as well as the accompanying symptoms

For years, many physicians have recommended graduated compression therapy as a treatment for venous insufficiency.  Graduated compression hosiery compresses the surface veins, keeping their diameter small , and forcing blood into the deep vein system. It has been clinically demonstrated that controlled, graduated compression applied to the lower extremities accelerates the velocity at which the blood flows through the deep veins. This increased blood flow helps to relieve the symptoms associated with venous insufficiency.

Placing the greatest compression at the ankles where it's needed most, our graduated compression levels reduce pressure further up the leg to help improve circulation.

There's a compression level just right for you!

Men get achy legs too!

Graduated Compression Hosiery is available in numerous levels of compression.  For the relief of mild symptoms and varicosities, 12-18 mmHg is recommended.  To treat more chronic symptoms, and more painful varicosities,  20 to 30 mmHg is indicated. For more severe cases, and where a doctor is specifically recommending, 30-40 mmHg is available.

Compression level is always quoted at the ankle.  Profiles of compression are measured by how much pressure is required to elevate a column of Mercury (Hg), as certain distance, as measured in millimeters (mm).  This a medically recommended standard in the US. In Europe, the standard is slightly different, products are called out as Class I, Class II or Class II, depending on the compression level.

Whether working  long hours sitting or spending great lengths of time traveling on airplanes, men often suffer from many of the same symptoms associated with venous insufficiency.  Symptoms may include swelling around the ankles and lower legs, and a snow-like appearance in the veins, web-like veins behind the knees or ankles or varying degrees of fatigue.

Men's dress socks are available in firm and extra firm support. They are made of nylon and spandex to provide comfort and durability.

Pregnancy and Varicose Veins

The additional weight and pressure associated with pregnancy may cause veins to dilate and work less efficiently.  Fetal pressure on the large veins in the pelvic area may slow them, causing swelling, aching, tired legs and feet, and varicose veins.  Maternity Graduated Compression Hosiery should be considered to alleviate these symptoms.



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